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Estudio de Arte 13

At Estudio de Arte 13 we’ve been working with people of all ages since 1985, helping them to reach their fullest potential artistically and creatively. The visual image has acquired great importance in our society, making it necessary to capture and express ideas visually in many different areas and disciplines. Here at Estudio de Arte 13, you’ll learn to give form to those ideas that you may not have been able to express before. 

The occidental society of which we are a part seems not to stimulate the development of each individual's capacity to view the world in a precise, clear and analytical fashion. To do so would require, in part, a breaking away from the preconceived ideas that we might have about the physical appearance of the objects around us, so that a face, for example, would cease to be visualized as a set of symbols representing eyes, nose and mouth, and acquire deeper significance with relation to other objects. By learning to understand and dominate the elements---form, color, contrast, volume, line---we learn to see the world around us in a more meaningful way, and discover the source of personal satisfaction that a heightened capacity for self-expression affords.

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