Fine Arts
Estudio de Arte 13 offers a special program for those students who are interested in passing the entrance exam in drawing and painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts. The pass rate is 80%.
Students will work on exercises similar to those found on the exam, learning to elaborate compositions in order to acquire the techniques which will help them more fully understand what will be required of them. Each month they will see a noticeable improvement, and upon comparing earlier exercises with more recent ones, the differences will be apparent.
We also offer monographic courses which you can attend to improve the quality of your work, whether it be in the discipline of drawing, painting, printmaking or clay sculpting. In order to strengthen your abilities you need only devote a few hours a week to your chosen discipline and pay close attention to improving your technique; we will take care of the rest.
Without knowledge of technique it is impossible to create images which are attractive enough to make an impression on the awareness of the viewer.

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